Every month a group of photographers gathers in an Austin photo studio to photograph and connect with the local music scene and give a cool band a great opportunity to receive amazing photography. We call this event Shoot the Band.

Geronimo Son

If you are in a band and you think you have a cool look, attitude, or concept behind your group (for example, we’ve had The Barebones Orchestra, an experimental group which performs in suits and skull & bones makeup, and The Scars Heal in Time, a goth/metal girl group.) It’s awesome if you have great music, but it’s really helpful if you have something visually interesting going for you as well. Please don’t respond if you are a cover band. We are looking for original groups only.
If you put your name in the hat to be selected as the featured band for Shoot the Band, I’ll contact you and give you all the info you need to know about the event and what we need from you.

The Beat Dolls

All you have to do is reply to this ad with a link to your website/myspace/facebook/reverbnation/whatever which hopefully includes some examples of your music, and a few photos as well.

This event is hosted by the Meetup group attached to a local Austin studio, Juju Foto Factory. Once we have a band confirmed, a meetup event is created, and local photographers RSVP to be a part of the event. Skills and experience of these photographers range from beginners to pros, and everything in between. This is a creative community event intended to support and connect with the local music scene, encourage, engage and provide opportunities for local photographers and creatives, and provide a place to network for all involved. On the day of the event, the band shows up to the photo studio, the photographers arrive, and for the next 3 hours, there is a whole lot of photography happening! This is a community event designed to be an opportunity for local photographers to learn studio gear and techniques in a relaxed, creative and collaborative environment while at the same time reaching out to and helping bands on the local music scene.

Ex Machina

Although there is no monetary compensation for the bands to participate in this event, the incredible free photography you get out of it is more than worth it. The deal is that by participating in this event, you allow the photographers to use the images they make of your band for their promotional purposes, and the photographers agree to the same for you. Photographers are required to upload 10 8×10 or greater images to the meetup site, which you are then allowed to use on your website. Images may be tagged and/or watermarked by the photographers and include metadata to protect their work. If you wish to use a photo made at Shoot the Band for any commercial purpose, you would simply contact the photographer to work that out. Otherwise, all watermarks, credits and metadata must remain intact.

We average about 8 photographers at these events, so you can do the math; that’s 80 high quality images shot in a professional studio with professional gear for free!
It’s a sweet deal, and the event itself is a lot of fun. Check out this video of one of our events and see for yourself!

If you are interested, please reply to this ad. I will look at your websites and listen to your music and get back to you!
Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Music Events Organizer, Juju Foto Factory